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AID researchers are drawn from infectious disease experts from across QIMR and UQ who apply leading technologies to identify, understand and prevent infectious disease.

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Research Areas

The core AID research themes are bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal infectious diseases afflicting humans. This microbial pathogenesis research effort brings together basic science and clinical research.

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AID links molecular microbiological and clinical expertise from the UQ Faculties of Science and Health Sciences, and UQCCR, UQCCHR, IMB, AIBN and the Diamantina Institute.

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Queensland researchers unite to fight Zika

Researchers at The University of Queensland and the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute are using a $50,000 Australian Infectious Diseases Research Centre grant to develop new weapons against the Zika virus. ... read more

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AID researcher Karrera Djoko nominated for QLD Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths competition for her work on utilising copper as an antibiotic

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Innovative approach to accelerate development of antimalarials

Prof. James McCarthy, member of the Australian Infectious Diseases Research Centre developed the 'Challenge Model' that is being used to accelerate the development of new medicines for malaria. ... read more

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