AID researchers are drawn from infectious disease experts from across QIMR and UQ who apply leading technologies to identify, understand and prevent infectious disease.

Associate Professor Trent Woodruff (NHMRC CDF)

Associate Professor Trent Woodruff’s research investigates the role of inflammation in disease, and the application of novel therapeutics to treat these conditions.

He is specifically interested in components of the innate immune system, including the complement cascade, in driving disease progression.

He employs animal studies to model human disease, together with clinical material to obtain insight into key disease processes.

His recent interests are in reducing neuroinflammation to ameliorate neurodegeneration diseases such as Parkinson’s and motor neuron disease.

He also has a major interest in novel therapeutic targets that can balance neutrophil numbers and function, in order to maintain protection from infection, whilst reducing inflammatory disease such as sepsis and cancer.

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