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Dr Karl Hansford

Dr Karl Hansford is a medicinal chemist and Senior Research Officer at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience. His research passion is devoted to the development of new therapies to treat infections refractory to current standard of care. He applies the principles of organic synthesis, peptide design, and peptide mimicry to design new antibiotics leading to a greater understanding of the underlying mechanisms of antibiotic resistance.
Specifically, he is leading the charge to advance a novel lipopeptide antibiotic, currently in preclinical development, to treat multi-drug resistant Gram-negative pathogens. He is also chemistry lead for the Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery.

Dr Hansford’s research has been supported by nationally and internationally competitive grants by the NHMRC, NIH and Wellcome Trust. Previously, he was part of the team that developed Tavilermide, a cyclic peptidomimetic currently in phase III clinical trials for the treatment of dry eye disease.


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